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Denault Studios features art classes in Maynard, Massachusetts.

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Michael Denault of Acton has run Denault Studios in many shapes and forms for the past eight

years. The business originated in his home studio where he crafted original glass and metal pieces to be

sold across the country. Michael also taught classes to the public in glass and metals in the space in his

spare time.

When Michael decided to take his business to the next level by opening up a retail location at

35 Nason St. in downtown Maynard, MA the original concept for the shop was to focus on selling the

work of American artists at accessible prices. However, within a year Michael was missing teaching.

With a little bit of sweat and elbow grease the small backroom of the store was transformed into a fully

functioning fused glass and metal studio.

This admittedly small and cozy studio hosted hundreds of students throughout the past year

learning fabrication techniques for everything from fused glass jewelry and dishes, to sterling silver

rings. Within a few months it was already clear that more studio space was in order. After careful

consideration it was decided that the studio would expand and take over the top half of the store and

the transformation began in May of 2014.

The new space is four times the size of the initial snug backroom studio and can host up to 20

students at a time. The expanding studio space also allows for an expansion in offerings; In addition to

the fused glass and metalworking that Denault Studios has offered in the past the new and improved

studio space will be home to classes in glassblowing, glass flame working, beading, sewing, drawing and

painting, calligraphy, wire wrapping, and more.

The new and improved spread of classes starts in July, and enrollments are open on

www.denaultstudios.com. In addition to hosting a broader variety of classes, the expanded studio space is

also available to host special events and birthday parties for children and adults.

Michael, and the entire Denault Studios staff is excited for this latest development in the

evolving story of Denault Studios.



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